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Phnom Penh

2 days in Phnom Penh

Nov 1, 2018 comment(s)

We spent almost 3 weeks at Green Umbrella school. The experience was very nice. We had opportunities to talk with the director (who is also a monk) about the world, Buddhism and many other interesting topics. It made us think about what we really want in our life and how this world trip helps us find some answers.

We left the school on Thursday to Phnom Penh. We had visited the capital 6 years ago during our first trip to Cambodia. We decided to go back to some temples, we walked along the Mekong river at sunset, wandered in markets and of course enjoyed a body massage.

We also ticked off something from my bucket list: eating spiders!! We went to Romdeng restaurant and ordered tarantulas. 3 of them came with a lemon pepper sauce. We took at least 10 minutes to eat them. The image of bringing them to our mouth was worst than the taste itself. Edouard was terrified and we had so much fun. He finally managed to eat one spider and I ate 2!