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5 incredible days in Amazon

Feb 23, 2019 comment(s)

After a long day of searching the best agency for our excursion, we selected Mashaquipe that organises eco tours. We decided to go for 1 night in the pampa and 3 in the jungle.


During the 3h drive on an unsealed road, we encountered an anaconda, very rare at this time of the year, 2 caimans, a sloth and some vultures, the trip started pretty well!

We then took a small boat to reach a beautiful lodge. We were welcomed with a fresh juice, then a great lunch. We spent the afternoon swimming with pink dolphins! It was hard to take a photo of them, apparently there were shy this day, said our guide Nilo. But the experience of swimming in the brown waters of Amazon where we saw caimans a few hours before was incredible.

After a big dinner, we waited until dark to take the boat and go deeply in the pampa. After 10 minutes, we went back to where we swam earlier. Nilo pointed out his flash light and we could see at least 50 eyes of caimans, scary!!! We went deeper and this time we left the boat to walk a bit. It was so muddy, up until our knees. The night atmosphere was just incredible! On the way, we met with a capibara family, the biggest rodent of the world. We went back enjoying a beautiful starry sky to rest after this first day quite intense.

The schedule of the next day was another boat trip further than the previous day to find some monkeys. We saw red howler monkeys as well as very small ones. They were not shy at all and jumped in the boat. We then went back to the lodge before driving the 3h back to the city. 


We spent 30 minutes at the agency to pack our bags for the next adventure, 3 nights in the jungle. To reach the lodge there, no road, we had to do 2h boat. 

The way to get there is beautiful, so different from the pampa. We couldn’t imagine how the trip would be. The first night at the lodge was great but there were so many mosquitos. The climate is heavier, after a few steps, we sweat so much already.

The next day, we left the comfort of the lodge to go to the furthest camp, 3h walk from there. It was very hot, and we were wet straight away. On the way, we could see jaguar footprints from the same day! Édouard found a « dead » spider that he took on a leaf before knowing that it was not dead, and it was also venomous!

We arrived at the camp with no facilities. We even took a shower in the river. We asked our guide to continue the adventure and also spend the last night camping. We walked 2h to reach the other camp of the agency. From there, we could go up a hill and enjoy a beautiful view on the Amazon forest.

In the afternoon, we went to a spot to observe parrots. We saw many of them, always in couple. They had a red back and a blue belly, gorgeous!

Édouard was the only one that day to go on a night walk in the jungle. Not too much to see except more insects and an owl. However, it was unique to be able to be in the jungle completely in the dark.

For our last day, the objective was to reach the river and build a raft to go down the stream until the lodge of the first day. With our guide’s help, our raft floated and here we were, paddling with the strong current, so nice!

We spent extraordinary 5 days and we felt like adventurers. In the end, we saw: 3 types of monkeys, an anaconda, a sloth, some capybaras, vultures, hawks, turtles, caimans, pink dolphins, piranhas, squirrels, an owl, colourful butterflies, a dear, un wild pig, the serrere (endemic bird), an ostrich, a varan, herons, parrots, frogs, giant ants and a lot of spiders!