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Inle Lake

5 peaceful days in Inle Lake

Nov 27, 2018 comment(s)

After our 3-day trekking and 6 months around the world, we needed to rest and decided to stay in the same hotel for at least 5 nights. We had also to catch up with some admin and travel plan.

We found a great hotel for that: the Mingalar Inn with a swimming pool and room with own terrace. The objective is to enjoy what the Inle has to offer with a slow pace, considering Edouard needs to work a lot of hours this week.

Sunset on the lake

The first day, we decided to chill at the hotel and go out for a late lunch before taking a boat to see the sunset. The view from the lake is magical with the fishermen around. They are famous for paddling with their feet, while fishing with their hands.

The boat took a canal to go back to Nyuang Shwe, the main city where our hotel is. After sunset, it is very cold here in November!

Bicycle trip

The second day, we rented bicycles to explore Northern Inle in the afternoon. We passed by nice villages that are built on the water with stilt houses. The scenery was beautiful. We then took a boat to cross the lake from West to East. Once again, it is really nice to be on the Inle lake. On the way back, we stopped in a vineyard to enjoy a nice view at sunset.

Boat trip

On Friday, Edouard doesn't work, so we had a full day of sightseeing ahead. We took a boat for the day which brought us to the South of the lake where most of the sites are:

  • Floating gardens: on the lake they grow vegetables! We saw a lot of tomato plants. The garden is next to a very authentic floating village. It was really nice to navigate around.
  • Nam Pan market: exceptional! One of the best markets we ever visited. Very colourful with everything: souvenirs, fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, oil, fuel, sweets, clothes, etc. We could see locals with traditional clothes, amazing.
  • Weaving workshop and cigar shop: in the 1st place, we could see how they make scarf with lotus and in the 2nd one we watched them making cigarettes with corn (as filter) and sticky rice (for glue)!
  • Phaung-Daw U pagoda: there was a festival on that day which gathered 3,500 monks from the monasteries around and probably as many locals!! It was unreal. Monks were queuing kilometres to be given donations. People could stick golden leaves on 4 buddha statues that don’t look like buddha anymore (it is more like a golden bowl now).
  • In Dein pagodas: around 30 min away from the rest of the sites via a zigzag of canals, there are 1000 stupas! Very impressive site.
  • Nga Phe Chaung monastery with golden pillars that offers view on the floating garden.

Seeing the life on the lake was really interesting. The day was fabulous!

Inle Lake is the last step of our trip in Myanmar and in Asia. It’s time to leave the continent with lots of great memory. We start now our way back to France for Christmas!