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Wahiba sands

A magical night in the desert

Dec 8, 2018 comment(s)

Our trip continued to Wahiba Sands a huge desert of 12,500 square kilometers! It was really different from Jaisalmer desert in India. Here the landscapes are like movies or a wallpaper with very high orange dunes.

We booked a camp not far from Al Wasil, the main city but when we arrived, we really felt in the middle of nowhere! The manager picked us up as a 4wd is required to access the place. The camp was made of big tents, bathrooms.

We decided to do a dune bashing tour at sunset. And it was truly amazing! First of all, we went to places with beautiful high dunes. Secondly, we had lots of fun. We drove down a dune 75 meters high! Impressive. The desert looks so big.

At sunset, it was just magical and we took so many pictures.

After a nice dinner, we went with hotel staff member and the only 2 other guests to do a walk in the desert. It was completely dark and we climbed so many dunes, up and down. After 30 min approximately, we stopped and started a fire and watched the stars, like bedouins do (locals living in the desert). Nice moment!

The next day, we drove up to Nizwa, a nice village close to the mountains. We visited its beautiful fort and small souk.