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Thar Desert

A night in the Indian desert

Aug 17, 2018 comment(s)

Tourists mainly come to Jaisalmer to join a camel safari. There are many options from half day trip to 21 days! We decided to do an overnight safari with Renuka Camel Safari, as part of the farewell gift we received from Stephanie, Laurianne and Aurore in Sydney.

We started the excursion in the afternoon by jeep. We stopped at Kuldhara, a "ghost" village. In fact, the legend says that the whole village left in one night. It is said it was due to conflicts with the Maharaja. We walked around this empty city.

We then reached the safari starting point and finally met with our camels! If you have already ridden a camel, you know how funny it is to actually go on the camel when it gets up on its feet :) We started on an unsealed road and then got to see the dunes. We arrived at the camp after one hour and a half ride. The camel guide started to prepare dinner, dhal, rice and fresh chapati, delicious!

We spent a nice evening with the guides as well as the other tourists in the group. We sang lots of music, play djembe on a plastic bottle of water, and laughed a lot. We then went to bed and slept under the stars. Well, it was cloudy, the sky was not clear but we were really sleeping at the bottom of the dune, in the middle of nowhere, just listening to animals around (camel of course but also birds, peacocks and beetles). We actually slept very well!

We woke up with the sunrise that we could partially see (still cloudy!) while drinking a chai. The breakfast prepared was huge and a great way to start the day. After packing, we started our way back to the jeep by camel. This time, most of the trip was through the dunes and it was truly amazing even if it was incredibly hot.

It was the first time on a camel for Edouard and we both liked it very much. The night camp was really great, we felt so far from the noisy cities of India and we would like to thank again our great friends who offered us this night in the desert <3