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Torotoro and Cochabamba

A walk in the past with dinosaurs

Feb 10, 2019 comment(s)

Torotoro National Park

After 2 buses and a long travel, we arrived in the very small village of Torotoro. This is where a beautiful national park is located.

We visited 2 places, one with a jeep that we shared with 3 other travellers and one walking with a local guide:

  • Ciudad de Itas: the jeep took one hour to drive the 21 km to this amazing sight. The views are stunning, but the highlight was the caverns.
  • Canon Vergel: the 4-hour walk went through great views of the canyon, nearly 400 meters deep. The hike is also full of dinosaur footprints. We could imagine the different types of dinosaur walking there millions years ago. Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach Vergel cascade because of the heavy rain (as usual since we arrived in Bolivia!).

We really enjoyed our stay in Torotoro. The village is so small and only a few tourists go there. Statues of dinosaurs are everywhere. We ate in the street, talked to some villagers and played with children.


We had to go to Cochabamba on our way back from Torotoro. It is a big city but one day visit was perfect. We walked around the town, seeing some colonial buildings. We then went to Cristo de la Concordia, the second highest statue of a Christ (before Rio's and after Lisbon’s). It is 34.20 meters high and from there we could also enjoy nice views on this huge city.

On the afternoon, we went to the biggest market of Bolivia, mercado Ferias. It was busy and colourful with so many different items: clothes, food, games, music instruments and even lama foetus that should give luck! We loved this market so much, very authentic.