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Arequipa - Canyon de Colca

Arequipa and Colca's Canyon

Mar 7, 2019 comment(s)


We stayed 2 days in Arequipa, nice city. The first day, we walked to Yanahuara lookout where the carnival was on. Unfortunately, it was foggy, and we couldn’t see the Misti volcano, at more than 5800m high. It doesn’t matter because our room from Los Andes B&B has a view on it. By the way, it was one the best room we ever had in South America!

The second day, it was time to catch up with Laura and Tristan who are travelling in South America too. But they also travel with Gregoire, a friend from Sorbonne university. I haven’t seen them for many years, so it was really nice to meet in Peru. We spent good time together, we visited the convent Santa Catalina, huge! Inside, it looked like a city with colourful streets. We even found a fig tree to wait until lunch.

Colca's Canyon

At night, we took the bus to Cabanaconde where the Canyon de Colca is. From there, we had many options for hiking. We decided to select some path with less tourists and camp 2 nights.

The first day, after a very short night in the bus, we started our way down to Llahuar. There, we swam in hot springs. On the way, we were so lucky to see a condor flying just above us, it was so big.

The next day, we walked to San Juan de Chuccho village through Malata and Cosnirhua. It was the season for flowers and fruits, and we saw many of them: pomegranate, avocado, apple, fig, tamarind, etc. We even took some for our snacks! After this path with great odours, we had to cross the river that was quite high! We had water up until our knees and the current was strong but we did it!

We slept early because the next day was challenging: in fact, we had to climb up 1000m with our 10kg backpack. We were a bit worried about it but we “only” took 3h30. We were so happy!