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Around glaciers

Aug 4, 2019 comment(s)

Day 6

We reached the southern glacier by the end of the afternoon. From the very start, we are amazed! A huge glacier with many branches surrounds us.

We started with the Lagoon Glacier, a lake at the bottom of the glacier. Big icebergs are floating, this day we were lucky to see seals swimming around them. It’s incredible, we felt like we were in a documentary of the National Geographic.

The lac finishes in the sea, therefore some icebergs follow along and end up on the black sand of Diamond Beach. It’s named like this because of the melting iceberg on the shore that look like big diamonds. Magic!

We go to bed with a lot of wind and a bad weather.

Day 7

Today its my birthday! What’s best than waking up in front of a glacier with a clear blue sky? I have a feeling that this day is going to be great!

Indeed, we go to another branch of the glacier and book a boat tour to get closer to it. An amazing trip. In the afternoon we found another road that leads even closer to the glacier. This time we can touch the icebergs, they are huge once again.

To end up this lovely day, we booked a restaurant for dinner. We ate a delicious fish, I even had a cake with candles.

Day 8

Doudou's birthday! What a better gift than a hike on the glacier? We booked a guided tour for the full day. We were super lucky as no one else did, so it was only the 3 of us.

After putting all the gears we started walking on the ice. We quickly reached a wall for a session of ice climbing.

After some time, we continued hiking further into the glacier. We were alone in these incredible landscapes. It is really to put words on what we felt that day. Everything was so unique!