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At home like tourists

May 17, 2018 comment(s)

Back Home

Finally we are at home! Believe it or not, we needed a few days to get used to Paris. First we needed to get rid off the sadness of leaving Sydney. What else than cheese and pastries to feel better?! Then, we needed to get used to the life style: eating late, sunset at 9PM and people smoking everywhere. We were lucky to be back for spring, the weather was quite nice despite some storms at night.

It's been a while we haven't spent much time in Paris and we really feel like tourists now!

Parisian routine

Thanks to my aunty Isabelle, we had our own apartment in the center of Paris. It was also the first days for Edouard's new work life. In fact, he works remotely with Australia every morning. Our typical day was:

  • Edouard wakes up at 5:50am to start working at 6am
  • Annabelle sleeps until 9am and goes to buy some croissants at the bakery
  • Annabelle organises the wedding next year and the trip coming up
  • Both going out for a walk in Paris and enjoying the amazing food
  • For dinner, catching up with our friends/family

The journey begins

Time with our beloved ones was so precious, 3 weeks were actually a bit short to spend enough time with everyone. But it's time to go and we leave tomorrow to Morocco. What is coming up is a bit unknown for us at the moment, for sure it is going to be fun and exotic!