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Beautiful Cartagena

Jun 2, 2019 comment(s)

We arrived in Cartagena, unsure about what to expect. Indeed, we met a few disappointed travellers. To remove any suspense, we LOVED this place.

First of all, the city is beautiful. The small streets in Getsemani where we lived charmed us straight away. Very colourful, they are decorated with lots of flowers. One of the streets even have umbrellas as roof!

Then, the atmosphere is lovely. Music everywhere, louder and louder. We can also easily meet people dancing in the street, playing dominos or talking to their friends in front of their houses. People are smiling which is so great to see.

Finally, we don’t get bored in Cartagena. In addition to visiting museum, wandering in the city, walk on the fortifications, it always happens something. Open air zumba classes, live band in the streets, bingo game on the main square, we saw day to day life of its inhabitants.

A great discovery, we could have stayed one more day or 2. But a paradise island is waiting for us close to Nicaragua!