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Beautiful Sajama National Park

Feb 16, 2019 comment(s)

We took about 2 days to reach Sajama national park. We heard the park’s landscapes were similar to Uyuni. Hopefully the weather will be better!

We stayed 2 full days in a beautiful traditional house in the very small village of Sajama (it was even smaller than Torotoro). In the streets, no people, no animals, nothing!
The village is surrounded by many snowy volcanos and mountains. Even if it was summer, we were freezing most of the time! This is also where the highest mount of Bolivia is with 6542m high.

The first day, we walked 28 km total to a beautiful Laguna. At this altitude, going up was very tiring. But we did it and reached 4827m high. On the way, we stopped at some geysers. It was very impressive to see this boiling water.

The second day, we were a bit tired of altitude and hike of the previous day so we found a car to bring us to another Laguna. No space in the car, so we climbed to the roof of the Jeep! From there, we could see the massive Sajama volcano.
We then wanted to reach natural hot springs. We got lost in the pampa surrounded by lamas. We finally found our way thanks to a local woman. It was so natural, nothing seemed to be built. From the pool, we could see lamas and the Sajama mount, unforgettable!

Sajama national park was amazing and is definitely a highlight of our trip in Bolivia.