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Bye bye rhinos

Sep 24, 2019 comment(s)

On the road to Windhoek, we stopped at the Quivertree Forest. The farm where we stayed takes care of some cheetahs. At feeding time, we can enter their enclosure and see them from very close.

At sunset, we walked around the Quivertree Forest. These trees are really weird and photogenic.

Next morning, we started our last day in Namibia. Therefore, we chose a very nice lodge: Lapalange Lodge. Our little chalet even has its own jacuzzi. We relaxed on the terrace from where we can see lots of animals: wildebeest, elan, ostrich and from far... 2 rhinos getting closer! The will stay with us (10 meters away) couple of hours. An unforgettable moment to end our trip nicely.

This marks this end of our honeymoon. Most likely one of the best trip we ever did. We liked everything: people, landscapes, wildlife.

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in funding this amazing trip.