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Sydney Airport

Bye bye Sydney

May 16, 2018 comment(s)

Bye bye Sydney

It's been more than a year we have been talking about this crazy project. The last 3 months have been very intense preparing the move out, the engagement party, the travel plans and the wedding. And today is THE D-DAY, the one we have waited for so long. With sadness, we are leaving Australia without knowing if we will be back one day.

Tuesday night, we caught up with our best friends for a last burger together. It was so great to see you again but hard to say goodbye. As usual, I ended up in tears...

For our last day in Sydney, we decided to say goodbye to the Opera. Same as our first day in Sydney more than 3 years ago, we walked around the Botanic Gardens, touched the Opera House and took lots of pictures!

We are very lucky to have amazing friends. In fact, David drop us off at the airport with Sarah who did a surprise and came as well! Thank you so much. We are leaving Australia with a bit of nostalgia but super excited about our travels coming up!

Hello World

We are now at the airport and have checked in 104kg of baggage. We are getting ready for our 14 hours flight to Abu Dhabi. With all the trips booked to Paris in the past, I am lucky to be a member of Etihad and we can enjoy the lounge!

From tomorrow and for the next 3 weeks, we will be surrounded by our family and friends in Paris. This is just the beginning of our nomad journey. Paris, here we come!