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San Andres & Providencia

Caribbean paradise

Jun 6, 2019 comment(s)

We arrived in San Andres after 1h flight, very excited. The island is located close to Nicaragua but belongs to Colombia. With its neighbours Providencia and Santa Catalina, they were colonised by British before being given to Colombia. Majority of people born here speaks creole, English and Spanish, all 3 with an heavy accent.

San Andres is the most famous, accessible and cheap of the islands. That’s why we decided to stay only 2 days before going to Providencia. We saw amazing beaches but there were so many people. For example, we took a boat to Johnny Cay and we were hundreds of people on this tiny island!

It was a 19 seats plane which brought us to Providencia. After 17 min flight, we arrived in this second paradise. But with no tourist. We booked a room with private terrace and sea view, the Posada Buena Vista, from where we could enjoy nice sunset.

The first day, we did a boat tour around the island. We stopped in Crab Cay, a tiny island in a national park. We climbed up to the mirador to enjoy 360 breathtaking views. They call it “sea with 7 colours” and we understood why. Shades of blue are extraordinary, and we could even see the 3rd greatest coral reef in the world. We then snorkelled around the island to see big colourful fishes.

We also rented a scooter to do the island loop. We stopped in many beaches to swim. We also explored Santa Catalina which is a very small island linked to Providencia with a wooden bridge. There are only a few people living here which makes it very wild. It use to be the mother base for the pirate Captain Morgan. A treasure is hidden somewhere... So many things are related to him, like Morgan's head, cave, canons, etc. Around it, the water is crystal clear, more than ever!

We spent 6 days eating fresh fish, getting tan, swimming in turquoise water and listenning to reggae music. It was perfect to end up 6 months in South America. We are now flying to Medellin for our last stop.