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Charming stop in Namib desert

Sep 17, 2019 comment(s)

After driving for the entire day, we arrived at Sesriem, gate to the desert. It is still the same desert as Sandwich Harbour, however here the sand is red as it is much older.

We climbed up Elim dune to watch sunset. It was very tiring but rewarding.

The next day, we took a hot air balloon flight. We flew over the desert, and even saw oryx! The tour included champagne breakfast right in the middle of anywhere, quite unreal!

We then went to Sesriem canyon which was unexpectedly beautiful. It is not a must do, but we really liked it.

For the rest of the day, we climbed up dunes and walked around. The temperature was extremely high.

We visited Deadvlei, a dry lake which has a white colour due to its sediments. In the middle, some dead trees which made a very nice contrast with the red dunes around. To access it, we had to drive in a 4x4 mode in thick sand. Fortunately, we didn’t get stuck!

Finally the day has come to check in at The Mirage, the hotel we are expecting the most since we booked the trip. It looked like a sand castle in the middle of nowhere. We booked 2 nights with the open air room as extra, located on the top of a tower. Our first night was magic and we woke up with the lights of the sunrise.

The following day is all about relaxing. On the agenda, swimming pool, reading, nap, massage. We watched another beautiful sunset.

At dinner time, we realised there were no table available on the terrace. However, the waitress asked us to follow her. She brought us far from the restaurant to the wine cellar! What a surprise! Everything was nicely decorated for us with candles and flowers. This night was as unexpected  than unforgettable.

Thank you very much for funding this part of our honeymoon: 

  • Michelle T. & Tristan, Polina K. & Dmitrii, Lucile & Angelo & Zoé, Chantal for the hot air balloon flight,
  • Gregory & Siham for the massage