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Climbing the Tsingy

Nov 8, 2019 comment(s)

We arrived in Morondava after 9h with a premium bus, which only means each person has its own seat and it is direct to destination.

The interests of coming here are the surroundings. After long negotiations, we found a 4wd with driver Clement for the next 3 days. The main goal is to reach the Tsingy National Park (which means "walking on tiptoe” in Malagasy).

It took us a full day to get there, between painful unsealed roads and « bac » (local ferry).

To reach Bekopaka village in the Tsingy, police set up a convoi to ensure tourists safety. Therefore, we drove the second half of the trip with around 15 4wd one behind the other with a servicemen in our car!

The following day, we left to visit what all the travellers we met considered as a must see.


With our guide Paulin and equipped with harnesses, we started the large loop of 4h.

At the beginning, we walked through a humid forest where a few species of animals live. As soon as we started, we met a 1.3m grass snake! We kept going, meeting with 2 species of lemurs: red hair one and white one (sifaka, the dansing lemur). We were so close, it looked like cuddly toy! A bit further, we were so lucky to meet a nocturnal lemur. Its protruding eyes made it cute and funny at the same time!

We eventually started climbing the Tsingy, they are limetsones eroded by the rain which make them very sharp. Paulin explained us straight away: « the Tsingy doesn't allow any trip over ». We walked in a 50m long cave and had to squeeze ourselves to pass some section of a few centimeters large. At the end, we climbed up rocks to reach the view point. Waow, what a view from up there! The path continued doing via ferrata through amazing landscapes.

After a lunch break with a mongoose, we came back through the same forest. We saw again some lemurs and cherry on the cake, a big chameleon!

After a smothering heat during the night with scorpions and snakes around, we headed back to Morondava.

Avenue of the baobabs

We visited this amazing place twice. On the way to the Tsingy, we discovered little by little a few baobabs. Then, we reached the avenue of the baobabs, one of the greatest moment in Madagascar so far. Early morning, there was not too many people. It was magical. We came to Madagascar for that! We walked around a bit but we scheduled to come back on the way back for the sunset.

On the way back, we stopped at the sacred baobab then the "baobab in love", the opportunity to spend time with children of the village. We sang French, Malagasy and even Indian songs that we learned at the orphenage. Lots of smiles around, it was a great moment.

We then went back to the avenue for the second time when the sun started to low down and colours were orange. The landscapes were stunning, like in postcards! We spent hours watching this breathtaking show.

We came back to Morondava with great memories. But no time to dream about them as we woke up at 4:15am the next day for our bus back to Tana for 14h.