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Coffee road

May 12, 2019 comment(s)

We arrived in Salento, city that we really liked. Firstly, we ate well: trout but also traditional meal with patacon, a smashed and fried plantain banana.

Salento is a must do for its coffee as this is where Colombia produces most of it. We walked out of the city, around plantations and coffee farms. We saw the first coffee fruits!

The Cocora valley in Los Nevados national park is why tourists come to Salento and we understand why. This is where are the tallest palm trees in the world and they are located in the mountains! They can measure up to 70m. The weather was beautiful when we started the walk. We crossed many times the river on wooden bridges and saw lots of waterfalls at the beginning, then the landscapes changed to cows with the palm trees in the background. We enjoyed this day very much.

After 4 days in Salento, we decided to go to a coffee farm 1h30 away. The Hacienda Venecia includes many hectares of plantations as well as a beautiful hotel and a hostel. We selected the hostel located in the middle of coffee trees. We also did the coffee tour organised by the Hacienda to understand the process of making coffee. We started in the plantations to end up drinking different types of coffee. We learned so much, in particular that there are more steps that what we thought and also that the beans are exported before being roasted by the countries depending on their habitant’s taste. A lovely experience, Edouard even drunk some coffee!