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Medellin & Guatape

Colourful streets of Guatape

Jun 17, 2019 comment(s)

We finished up our trip in Medellin where we will take our flight to Paris soon. The second city of Colombia is known for its drug cartels from the 90’s. The mayor has achieved an incredible job to transform the city to make it nice and safe.

After recommendations from other travellers, we decided to join a free walking tour organised by Real City tours. The guide came from Medellin and lived during bad times of the city. On top of walking around the city, he explained us the political situation of Colombia, Medellin history, his point of view regarding Pablo Escobar, etc. It was very interesting.

Medellin is a city still changing but we never felt unsafe. We needed to be careful as everywhere else. We also liked its modern and tasty restaurants very much.

We left Medellin to Guatape, 2h drive away. This village is located close to a lake which makes it very nice. Its streets are colourful and flowery, beautiful!

We also went to the main attraction there, La Piedra. It is a big rock we can climb to have a breathtaking view on the lake, lovely.

We stayed 3 days in Guatape where we felt so good. The atmosphere was relaxing, perfect before coming back to busy Paris.