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Komodo National Park

Cruising around Komodo islands

Oct 11, 2018 comment(s)

It was on Annabelle's bucket list to do a cruise in Komodo islands. That's why we booked a 4-day cruise to sail around the 30 islands that are part of the national park. None of us was expecting what we were about to experience.

Life on the boat

Because all tours were booked, Annabelle had the great idea to book a private trip. So just the two of us on the boat. We boarded our boat with 4 crew members: the captain, the cook, the sailor and our guide. Our room was quite comfortable and we had everything we need, fresh water, dining room, sun deck and even aircon! We lived on it for 4 days which was enough time to enjoy: good food, sunsets, sunrises and starry skies, especially the first night we saw thousands of bats flying during sunset.


MANTA RAYS!!!!!! Yes we swam with Manta Rays. And not only one, there was around 30 of them. It was early morning and we were reaching a relaxing sand dune in the middle of the ocean. I remember clearly our guide saying: "It's time to put your swimwear on!". 15 seconds after, we were jumping off the boat and experiencing an amazing moment. They were huge, really really huge! I would say around 4 meters wide, probably more! Annabelle was scared to jump off the boat just by seeing them from the deck. We were super lucky to be the only ones on this spot. We spent around 2 hours there, jumping off the boat.

As we were not lucky enough, when we finally agreed that we would let the Manta Rays alone, Annabelle spotted some dolphins. Yes! We swam with dolphins!

During our other snorkelling sessions, we could also see turtles, star fish, sharks and many many colourful fishes.


The national park is home to the well known dragon of Komodo, the largest lizard on earth. We could see them on two different islands: Komodo and Rinca. In both, we did an hour and half walk with a ranger to guide and protect us. We actually lived a really intense moment when a dragon was waiting next to a water point and a deer just started to drink 1 meter away from the deadly lizard. Fortunately for the deer, the dragon was not hungry. During our walks we could also see monkeys, wild pig and cockatoos.

We also hiked on much safer islands like Padar, were we could enjoy amazing panoramic views. And of course, we spent some time just chilling on the beach and swimming in crystal blue water.

This trip was simply outstanding and very diversified. We could definitely put it in our top 5 of this World trip so far.