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Day Trip to the capital

Jun 17, 2018 comment(s)

On Sunday, last public holiday for the end of the Ramadan, we decided to visit Rabat. The city is only 1h train away from Casablanca.

Hassan tower and Mohammed V mausoleum

When we woke up, we realised that we had changed time. Indeed, Morocco saves one hour during the Ramadan to ease the fasting period and eat earlier!
After 1h train in our 2nd class cabin, we arrived at Rabat. We headed to the Hassan tower and the mausoleum of Mohammed V, around 30 min walking from the train station. At the entrance, 2 knights wearing traditional clothes welcome the tourists. The architecture of the mausoleum is impressive, we can walk all around by ourselves and take as many photos as we want (which is different from other mausoleum in the world). We watched the tomb in marble from a balcony. 

The Hassan tower faces a beautiful garden. It has been built by the same architect than the one who did the Giralda in Sevilla and the Koutoubia in Marrakech. Between the mausoleum and the tower, the big square has hundreds of columns with different sizes. These are the remains of the unfinished biggest mosque in the world that the Sultan Yacoub el-Mansour had projected to build in the 12th century.
It is the first time we see that many tourists!

Medina and Kasbah of Oudaia

We left the mausoleum with enthusiasm to reach the Medina. Although it is not as famous as the ones in Marrakech and Fes (according to guides), we loved its colours, the diversity of shops and the authentic atmosphere.
We got out of the médina to enjoy a lunch with a view on the beach. Most of the restaurants are still closed so we couldn't eat traditional food unfortunately... 

We then went to the Kasbah of Oudaia which is an old fortified military camp. All the streets and houses are painted in blue and white. It results in an amazing place where all the pictures are always great. After getting lost in the alleys, we found a cafe where we had a mint tea with a great view. Walking around brought us to a very pretty andalusian garden where we enjoyed the architecture with fountains and mosaic.


We spent the rest of the afternoon in Chellah, an antique city from the 13th century. The place was quiet and peaceful with a few people only. There is a colony of sedentary storks living here. They are nests everywhere, more than 75! 

It was an amazing day in Rabat, which really deserves to be visited.