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Dubai from the inside

Dec 13, 2018 comment(s)

We stayed 5 days in Dubai after Oman and I can tell you that we didn’t rest at all! It was intense and we did many things: 

  • the Indian neighbourhood with temples and the tasty Raju Omlet restaurant
  • Brasserie 2.0 for a brunch on Friday. There was so many food of all type and the atmosphere on the terrace was really enjoyable. We had a wonderful experience!
  • Our day trip to Abu Dhabi to visit the gorgeous mosque and the interesting and brand new Louvre museum
  • Last but not least, my brother Benoît offered us for Christmas, in advance, a hot air balloon ride over the desert. It was incredible! At some point, we flew very low and we were able to see the dunes under us and also some wild gazelles!!!

We also had so much fun at ski Dubai (mainly when Édouard felt down...), we liked seeing local life and Emiratis at City Walk, walking around La Mer and it’s nice atmosphere and so much more!

Overall, our trip to Dubai was much better than expected. There are plenty of things to do. It was also very well organised. We would like to thank Benoît and Polina to have welcomed us so well. We will be back!