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First week at a Cambodian school

Oct 16, 2018 comment(s)

A new volunteering experience was waiting for us at Green Umbrella school, 1:15 away from Phnom Penh. The school helps poor children from the villages around to access education for free.

Our volunteering experience

The school was created by Sokrath, a monk who lives in the beautiful temple located next to the school. The area is very peaceful and pretty. 

We go to the school by riding bikes through the rice fields. It is the end of the raining season and they haven’t harvested yet, so it is so lush.

Each morning, I provide English lessons to the Grade 5 class. The children are around 11 years old and their teacher is on maternity leave. It requires a lot of preparation but thanks to our stop in India, I can use some of the materials that I created at the orphanage. The kids are quiet and shy, however their level in English is actually quite good! One girl gives me every day a paper with either a drawing or some nice words saying she is happy to learn English with me, so cute!

Edouard and I also provides evening English classes. We usually assist a teacher from high school who has been trained to teach.

In the afternoon, we also help the NGO is the office: we provided email training to the staff, helped with some HR aspects, as well as using a newsletter software to communicate on the NGO projects and participated in creating a waste management campaign.

Some others volunteers were also here for 4 days and it was great to meet with them and spend some time together. They had brought lots of clothes for donation. We went to a poor village to distribute them.

During our free time

We start the day at 8am and finish around 6:30pm so we had time to visit the surroundings only during the weekend. Today, we went to Chi So Mountain. It is actually a hill with 390 steps to reach the top it. After climbing, we could enjoy a great view of the rice fields around and also spend some time in the temples.

In the afternoon, we went to Tonle Bati, located 30 minutes away from the house by bike. There is also a temple there, in the same style as Angkor Wat. After walking around the temple, we went to the lake bank. Some huts are installed in the water, a few meters away from the bank. It takes some time to access them to make sure we don’t fall!