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Tetouan / Tanger

Going up North

Jul 5, 2018 comment(s)


We stopped at Tetouan, a small city where the Medina is registered at UNESCO World Heritage because it is one of the oldest Medina of Morocco. Houses are painted in white which makes it beautiful with the blue sky. 

We walked around the Medina, went up the hill and we finally saw the sea! We are now very close to Spanish coast. The view is so pretty.

For our 2nd day, we took a shared taxi to go to a beach called Martil, where the King is currently on holidays. It is the first time I wear a bikini which is very unusual in Morocco. Beach is beautiful and Mediterranean temperature is warm. 


We took a bus to Tanger from where the trip in Morocco will end. We found this city quite relaxed with the beach not too far. Our Aribnb is located between the Medina and the beach which is perfect. Like in Tetouan, we spent one day walking in the Medina. From many different places, we could sight the Ocean as well as the Spanish coast! We visited the Kasbah museum with a nice architecture and good views.

We also spent a day at Achakkar beach. It’s quite big, wild and the water was very cold. Close to the beach, Hercules caves, big and impressive.

We also liked the walk along the beach at night where there is always a lot of people. We enjoyed our last vegetarian couscous and fried fish.

We flight out to Paris but check the website out soon, we will give you our impression of Morocco.