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Isalo National Park

Hiking in Isalo National Park

Oct 27, 2019 comment(s)

Bus trips are always painful. After 6.5h, we arrived at Ranohira village, close to Isalo National Park.

We quickly met with Jean-Baptiste our guide for the following day. We visited the Park with Caroline who travels with her mom Danielle, both met in the bus.

Let’s go for 17km across stunning landscapes. At the beginning, we walked on the high lands which offered a great panoramic view. Jean-Baptiste showed us some interesting things: phasmes (insect that looks like a branch, you have to find it in the picture below), elephant’s foot ( a mini baobab), etc.

Then, we walked down to the “natural pool”, an unexpected Oasis. We continued our way through the death valley. Indeed, the sun is hammering and there is no shade.

After that, we walked through a canyon which lead to two others natural pools where we had so much fun.

Finally, on our way back we met with our first lemurs (Maki catta). A dream come true for Annabelle.

At sunset we stopped at the “window”, a hole in the rock, very photogenic.

We finished our day with a lovely dinner in company of Caroline and Danielle, very funny ladies.