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Horses and ghost town in the desert

Sep 19, 2019 comment(s)

After checking out at the latest time at The Mirage, we headed South to Aus and Lüderitz, again on the Atlantic coast.


This small town is the only place in the world where wild horses can leave in the desert. They can last up to 5 days without drinking. To ensure their survival, à waterhole has been built. It is where we observed them at sunset.


Apart from the location of this city on the coast, the main interest is to visit Kolmanskop ghost town. All the inhabitants left in 1956 when bigger diamond mines where found in South Africa.

Since then, all the houses are covered up with sand. We spent an hour in this strange place which reminded us American westerns!

We also explored the coast. Weather and landscapes were very similar to Brittany (or Melbourne!). We saw flamingos and penguins, a bit far away unfortunately.