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Kalaw to Inle

Kalaw to Inle trek

Nov 24, 2018 comment(s)

We arrived in the mountain with the night bus. At 2:45 am, we were dropped in Kalaw at 1400m high. It was freezing, probably only 10 degrees.

The following day, we decided to have a day off in our trip to rest and do our Christmas lists!

The next day, we started a 3 day trekking trip to Inle Lake. We walked 65 km in 2,5 days across various amazing landscapes. Some of them reminded us France!
It was not difficult but long, we walked around 8 hours per day.
We stayed in villages with locals who cooked food for us and offered thin mattresses on their floor. We also had the coldest shower ever!
The 3 days ended up with a boat trip in Inle Lake. It was really nice to see for the first time this huge lake with small canals, stilt houses and impressive fishermen. We will tell you more in the next article!