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La Paz - Tiwanaku

La Paz, the highest capital in the world

Feb 18, 2019 comment(s)

We arrived in La Paz by minibus and it took around 30 minutes to find a taxi. Our first impression of the capital was not great...

Eventually, we found a taxi who accepted to bring us to the closest cable railway station. Jumping in, we realised that we were so high, the view is stunning. All the buildings are made with bricks, only a few roofs are colourful. We took a few different cable car lines to observe the city from every angle!

We also took some time to walk around the city centre where street markets are. The atmosphere is busy and colourful, we loved it! Next to our hotel, there is the witch market where they prepare offerings and fœtus of lama. We wandered in the souvenir shops and even bought a Bolivian hat each for cold weather to come. But it is also a good memory for us because all Bolivian people got the same!

For our second day, we decided to take a minibus to reach Tiwanaku, some pre-Inca ruins. We go there from the cemetery of La Paz, therefore we walked around it. It was completely different from ours. Each defunct has a small space that beloved ones personalize with objects and flowers. Altogether, it was surprising but not sad at all.

We spent 3h on Tiwanaku site. We could see statues, pyramids... We walked around the ruins from the 8th to the 12th centuries. It was interesting but we expected a bit more. No problem, we will be in Peru soon!

We enjoyed our 2 quick days in La Paz very much. It is now time to change radically climate and landscapes, guess where we are going?