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South of France

Lavender, cicada and sun

Jul 16, 2018 comment(s)

We wanted to take the opportunity of this big trip to also spend some time with our friends and family and discover some great spots we've never been before in our own country.

We started our trip in Sens, 2 hours from Paris, for our high school friend's wedding. It was great to catch up with our "old" friends and laugh as if we were 18 years old again.


The second stop was in Millau, where one of our high school friends Lea settled in a year ago with her husband Vonjy. It is a very small village located in the Regional Natural Park of Grands Causses. It is surrounded by the Tarn and the Dourbie rivers so we decided to walk around to visit villages and waterfalls.

We walked until Creissels cascade which offered a great view of the village. We also went to Peyre, one of the most beautiful villages of France! Peyre is built on a cliff that faces the highest viaduc in the world.

We spent such a great time with our friends Lea and Vonjy who welcomed us so warmly and made us taste some great local food! Thank you so much again and hope to see you soon.

Verdon Gorges & Ochre village

Verdon gorges are definitely one of the wanders of France! Edouard's mum Chantal and her partner Alain booked a camping spot in the mountains next to the gorges and organised a weekend full of activities!

The first day, we hiked 9 hours up and down the gorge following a very steep path. We also crossed the river passing through bridges. It was both impressive and tiring but it was worth it. Landscapes were stunning and it actually reminded me some places in Southern New Zealand.

The second day, we hired kayaks and spent 3 hours paddling in the blue water of the gorge. The water was really refreshing considering the super hot weather.

Finally, the last day we went to the Luberon on the way back to Chantal & Alain's home. There is a trail which has been laid out in the former open-pit ochre quarries, where the cliffs are streaked with red and gold. We thought we were in Uluru! Ok, it was a short trail and full of tourists but a very surprising and unexpected stop.

On top of this great weekend, we spent some time in Chantal's village and around where we did some kayaking on the Herault river and went to the closest beach in Agde. Thank you for everything you both have organised to make this stay great.


My dad's partner Brigitte having a house only 45 min drive from Edouard's mum home, we decided to visit them on a day trip. My aunt Isabelle had decided to join us as well to celebrate our birthdays coming up soon!

After some drinks at Brigitte's beautiful house and the opening of too many gifts, we went to the Saint-Clair Mount lookout to observe the view of Sète (the beach, the city, the harbour and the oyster culture).

We then went to a restaurant to eat delicious oysters, prawns, mussels, fish and to blow up our candles! The restaurant is located in La Pointe Courte, a very cute fishing neighbourhood.

Finally, we walked around the city centre under 35 degrees! The town has a network of canals so there is water and bridges everywhere!

Thank you to my amazing family to have organised this day and for all the gifts, we were spoilt!


We arrived on Saturday in Cassis, located 25 km away from Marseille, the biggest city in the South of France. Here, the cicada noise is much more intense and you can hear them everywhere, all the time.

My uncle has a house on the hill of Cassis so he welcomed us and we stayed there. The house is awesome with everything we needed and much more! The pool with the view was stunning. We spent lot of time swimming in it and refreshing ourselves (it was around 31 degrees!). We also walked around Cassis village, on the small harbour and ate tasty fish in great restaurants.

The highlight of our stay was definitely the boat trip to explore the Calanques. A calanque is a narrow, steep-walled valley found along the Mediterranean sea. We sailed along the calanques and saw the impressive cliffs. We stopped the boat and jumped in the water 3 times. The water was so clear, the weather hot and not many people around: the DREAM.

The 5 days in Cassis were such a relaxing and great moment shared with my family. Thank you so much to my uncle Michel and my aunty Betty for your hospitality and giving us the opportunity to discover such an amazing place.

The few weeks in France were really nice. Exploring some new part of our home country was interesting and pending time with family and friends was priceless. Again, thank you to them all for sharing so many great moments with us. We love you all.