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Golden rock, Kyaiktiyo

Legendary Golden Rock

Nov 11, 2018 comment(s)

Rather than rushing to Bagan, we decided to take another route and start from South. Our first stop was the Golden Rock.

From the main city, we took a truck that brought tourists and pilgrims to the top of the mountain, at 1200m above the sea level.

For buddhists, this is one of the places to go for pilgrimage. They usually spend a few days on the area and sleep right next to the rock on the floor!
The golden would hold thanks to one Buddha’s hair! Men come to paste gold leaves on the rock. Women are not allowed to stay nearby the golden rock.

It was a bit cloudy for sunset but the atmosphere was nice. 

Whilst waiting for our next bus, we tried another type of food (after spiders in Cambodia): crickets!