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Buenos Aires

Let's dance tango!

Jan 1, 2019 comment(s)

Happy New Year!

We chose to start 2019 with a big brunch at the London City café which offers delicious cakes. To digest it, we spent the afternoon at the Parque de Palermo. The park is huge and peaceful even with a super hot weather.

The next day, we walked around San Telmo, an old neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. They are antique shops at every corner. We also visited El Zanjon, an archeological site in the middle of the city. It contains many tunnels from the 19th century.

We ended the day with a tango dancing class with an amazing teacher (found on Airbnb Experience). We learnt basics and had so much fun.

3rd of December, we visited Recoleta's neighbourhood where there is an impressive cemetery. It contains only vaults above ground, 84 of them have even been declared as National Historical monuments.

We then spent some time wandering in the National Museum of Fine Arts before going to Floralis Generica: the new symbol of Buenos Aires. This huge flower made of steel and aluminum, 23 meters high, opens and closes every day.
We finished the day at the famous Café Tortoni. We live just next door and seeing this huge queue every day to get in, picked up our curiosity (also because the menu listed churros con chocolate).

We also went to a milonga which is a hidden bar where everything is oriented to the dancefloor. People from every age come here to practice tango, very late in the night. The ambiance was nice and we could practice what we learnt and have some fun.

Buenos Aires was great, we really liked it. To start the new year, we decided to go slow and chilled a bit. We loved discovering tango!