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Antananarivo, Antsirabe, Ambositra

Let's hit the RN7

Oct 21, 2019 comment(s)

After 2 comfortable days in the beautiful house of my friend's Géraldine dad, we left Tana to follow the National Road number 7 (RN7). It is the main sealed road of the country. Travelling should be fast but we took 3.5 hours to do 180 km and eventually reached Antsirabe.


This small city reminded us the colonial period with its train station and buildings. The main points of interest are the lakes around. We took a taxi to visit them.  Our first stop was at Tritriva lake (say Tchitchiv). We were amazed by its beauty! The water was blue like emerald and surrounded by cliffs. We walked around for approximately 30 min with our guide who explained us the legend of this lake. Finally, we visited Andraikiba lake, bigger and lively.

In the afternoon, we took our first "taxi brousse" (litteraly bush bus) to Ambositra (say Amboucht). It took us 3.5 hours on uncomfortable dusty seats. We arrived just on time to schedule our trek for the next few days. 

Hike and night at Sakaivo

The following day, we started our 2-day hike with Jean De Dieu, our guide, around Zafimaniry villages. We walked through very poor villages where kids welcomed us, curious and smiling, sometimes very afraid by meeting white people!

We slept in the gorgeous village of Sakaivo. Houses are very basic, surrounded by rice fields. We were invited to meet and discuss with the chief of the village. It was dark, almost night time when we entered his house. With the help of Jean De Dieu who translated, he explained us his responsibilities, his habits. He also asked benediction for us and offered some rhum. It was an unforgettable moment.