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Wadi Rum

Like Bedouins in the desert

Oct 15, 2019 comment(s)

There are many ways to visit Wadi Rum: camel ride, Jeep, by foot, in a camp or in bivouac. After long hours of research on internet, we chose to do 2 nights in itinerant bivouac. In other words, we didn't sleep in one the (too) many fixed camp but under the stars in the middle of nowhere, like proper Bedouins.

We contacted Mafleh via What's App and met with his son few days later. Salem was the driver of the 4x4. They are a Bedouin family for generations and know the desert by heart. Salem was also our cook, our guide and our partner for the next 2 days.

During the trip, we discovered a desert that was so different from what we had already seen. Used to high dunes in Namibia or Oman, we were surprised by the landscapes. Here, they are cliffs, canyons, small caves surrounded by a flat desert. We drove kilometers through these unique landscapes.

At night, we set up the camp with Salem. The first night we found a cave just before the rain (yes, we had once again rain in a desert!). Salem cooked tasty meals and tried to discuss despite his low level of English.

Salem is 20 years old and is not the type of guy who follows the others. Therefore, he likes making his own tracks on the sand, which lead us to being bog a few times. He always managed to get out, until that time when we got stuck for hours. With the help of someone passing by, we finally got the car out.

We loved our experience in Wadi Rum desert, a quiet place, perfect to end our trip in Jordan.