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Meeting with Himba tribe

Sep 9, 2019 comment(s)

On September 7th, we left Etosha with a long drive ahead. It took us 8 hours with several stops to reach Aussicht camp, close to Opuwo, the northernmost point of our trip.

Marius welcomed us, child of German immigrants, born in Namibia. He has such a strong personality!

He knows very well the region and its inhabitants. The following day, we went to visit two Himba and Herero village with him and two French couples.

Each village is a family composed of a man and his wives living in individual houses they do themselves with cow poo and soil. Houses are very small as Himba people use them only for sleeping. The rest of the day, they are always outside.

Unfortunately, that day was really windy. Women, usually topless, were covered and inside their houses! Children welcomed us and women eventually joined us.

Women are beautiful, they spread butter and clay on their skin which give them a red colour tint. 

Marius also talked about the changes occurring. Clothes are sent from Europe to help Himbas. But because of that, men, children and some women don’t wear the traditional clothes anymore. We also saw a few mobile phone around their neck.

Overall, this morning was great. Marius speaks their language and taught us about their traditions, habits. It was very interesting and everyone welcomed us warmly.

In the afternoon, we did something completely different. Marius exploits a copper mine that he suggested us to visit. We went deep into the mine, full of bats and in complete darkness.

We then took some green/blue rocks looking for some rare pieces!

Thank you very much for funding this part of our honeymoon: 

  • Leila, Lucile & Angelo & Zoé for the Himba excursion