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Muscat and around

Dec 11, 2018 comment(s)

For our last 3 days in Oman, we decided to go back to the capitale Muscat that we didn’t explore yet.

On the first day, we visited the old Mutrah, the souk, the corniche. Very nice to walk around here with the beautiful colour of the sea.
We then went to the royal city where there are very big buildings with oriental style.

The next day, we booked a boat trip for dolphins watching then snorkeling to Bandar Kheiran. We saw hundreds of dolphins! That was really nice. The snorkeling was good too. We swam with turtles and the place was beautiful with clear water.

We then headed to Al Sifah beach, one hour away from Muscat because we wanted to do some more camping on the beach before we leave. The beach is really beautiful and we didn’t see much people. We made fire (even with a lighter it was difficult!) and watched the stars. This moment was really peaceful and we really enjoyed it.
We also spent one day in a luxury restaurant The Bank with amazing swimming pool for Édouard to work and Annabelle to enjoy the view. After this luxury, we went back to our camping spot for another fire and relaxing night, awesome!

Finally, we visited the mosque before taking the plane. The gardens are gorgeous!