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Est de l'Islande

On the road to the fjords

Aug 2, 2019 comment(s)

Day 5 and 6 are dedicated to the Eastern road passing through fjords.

Day 5

Our first stop is at Seydisfjördur, known as the most beautiful village of the Eastern fjords. Indeed, the church is modern and lovely, streets are colourful and the view of the fjord really nice.

But today, the objective is to reach the extreme North East to see puffins, famous birds of Iceland. Arriving there, we could see hundreds of them! Sometimes they go fishing and then come back. We stayed there for at least an hour and took so many pictures! 

At night, we found an amazing camping spot, with a great view.

Day 6

Today, the weather is not good. After chilling in the morning, we continued our way along the Eastern fjords. The road is beautiful even with the clouds.

We stopped at Hofn for lunch where we could enjoy the specialty: lobsters!

We arrived end of the afternoon in the South, known for its glaciers.