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One year around the world

May 16, 2019 comment(s)

Today, May 16th 2019, it’s been one year that we left our comfortable life in Sydney to start our new life!

Summary of 365 days of adventures.


In one year, we had time to do so much! We visited 123 cities, 19 countries and slept in 97 beds and hotel rooms.

We spent an average of AUD 52 per person per day.

With 88,795 km around the world since we left Sydney and 19,765 by land, we can say we spent so much time in transportation: 396h in 82 buses which is an equivalent of more than 2 weeks, 94h25min in 30 planes and 49h40min in 20 boats. We also took unusual transportation like camel, horse, zipline, hot air balloon, or cable car… We walked 3,068 km which is almost the distance of Sydney-Perth!

365 days of travelling include good and bad weather. We were generally lucky during the first 250 days with sun but since we arrived in Bolivia, we had rain all the time! Sunburn goes with beautiful weather for me. I have been sunburnt at least 8 times…Not good! Guess how many Edouard had?

Our top 12

People always ask us which country we liked the most. It is very hard to answer because they are different and also because in one country, we could have liked many things and disliked others.

We tried to agree on some cities or special moments we particularly enjoyed, without order.

  • Giving our time to orphans at DKSHA NGO and feel useful.
  • Taking a boat without motors in the backwaters in India and navigating around small canals.
  • Observing animals on Komodo Islands in Indonesia and swimming with huge Manta rays.
  • Spending hours on a small boat in Inle lake in Myanmar to see sunset.
  • Doing a hot air balloon tour over the sand dunes of Dubai desert.
  • Swimming in crystal blue water of Oman’s wadi.
  • Trekking and camping around breathtaking landscapes of Argentinian Patagonia.
  • Being real adventurers in the Bolivian Amazon with Sarah.
  • Discovering the beauty of Titicaca lake on the quiet Isla Del Sol in Bolivia.
  • Doing the exhausting Salkantay trek to finish with the impressive Machu Picchu in Peru.
  • Walking around the Cotopaxi volcano and enjoying an amazing view at the Hacienda Los Mortiños in Ecuador.
  • Getting lost in the unexpected Tatacoa desert in Colombia. 

Picking 12 moments in one year is so hard. We must also mention Salar de Uyuni, the Taj Mahal, observing wild elephants in tea plantations in South India, our motorbike road trip, craziness of Varanasi pilgrims, temples in Bagan in Myanmar, Chefchaouen the blue city in Morocco and much more!


Those who know us well, know that we love food. We tried to eat vegetarian as much as possible, but it was sometime a real challenge. The worst countries according to us in regard to food were Oman, Myanmar and Bolivia.

But we also ate so well:

  • At Locavore, a fine dining restaurant in Ubud, Bali
  • Msemen for breakfast in Morocco
  • Some delicious meals in India, particularly ITC Mughal in Agra for my birthday dinner
  • Dim sum of Hong Kong local and cheap restaurants
  • Granadilla fruit in South America, our favourite one, a passionfruit much sweeter and less acid
  • Ceviche of South American coasts, raw fish marinated in lemon juice

Digital nomad life

We started a new life, as digital nomads. Edouard works part time remotely with a total of more than 1,000 hours worked. Depending on which country we visited, he worked sometimes in the morning and sometimes in the evening. And it is necessary to be very organised! Indeed, we need to plan activities accordingly, select hotels with good Wi-Fi, buy local SIM cards and have a white background when he is in a meeting.

Edouard has experienced some really funny situations where he did a meeting in our rental car at night and when he had to manage an emergency from a noisy bus in Colombia.

But most of the time, he was lucky to work from incredible places. We selected a few photos to share with you how amazing it was.

What we thought to be a way to earn some money while travelling has become our new way of living.

Overall experience

In one year, we did so many things. Sometimes we were very tired and had to take some “days off”! We tried to take our time as much as we could without trying to see EVERYTHING.

This world trip has given us life guidelines:

  • There are always solutions, even when we are tired, and we think we are going to fail.
  • We had a sense of freedom that we never felt so strongly before. No furniture, no home, no plan, we just did what we wanted to.
  • We met incredible people, locals as well as travellers, who we would have never met in a "normal life".
  • Help others made us happy. Our volunteering experiences were very intense and seeing people smile were the best thing ever. We are very proud to have being part of the DKSHA orphanage experience in India.

Fortunately, our world trip is not finished! We still have one month left in Colombia before going back to France to prepare the best day of our lives and leave again for new adventures… in Africa!