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Petra, our fourth Wonder of the World

Oct 12, 2019 comment(s)

It’s with excitement that we started the visit of Petra. As we had two days, we split the visit of the different sites.

Day 1

We took the 'classic' path, departing from the canyon. The few hundred meters were never ending, until suddenly we saw the Khazneh, the most famous tomb.

It was super crowded, therefore we climbed up on a hill to have a better view and breath. It’s incredible how well preserved it is. It was built by the Nabateans approximately 2000 years ago. Its particularity, as well as other tombs, is that it was carved out of the rock. The tomb would host a royal couple.

We continued our way and passed by the necropolis, the theater and other tombs. After our lunch break in front of the Palace tomb, we started a one-hour walk to reach a mount with a view on the Khazneh. Landscapes were amazing, we felt like in Indian Jones movie.

We left the site exhausted by all the kilometers we did. However, we still had enough strength to visit Little Petra. There wasn't many people there, which was much appreciated.

Day 2

We entered from the second gate of the Park, where our Airbnb was. It allowed us to skip the crowd and visit other sites: great temple, Qasr Al-Bint and the High Place of Sacrifice. From this point we walked through wadi Al-Farasa, simply beautiful! Landscapes were breathtaking, even under the crushing heat.

In the end of the afternoon, we climbed up to the Monastery, another well known site of Petra. The light at sunset was spectacular and again, not many people.

We are so happy to have been able to visit Petra. It’s unique by it’s History as well as the nature around.