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Quilotoa loop

Apr 22, 2019 comment(s)

Arriving in Latacunga, we organised a 3-day trek to reach laguna Quilotoa which is located in the volcano’s crater of the same name.

We took our tent in case we could pitch it somewhere, however we didn’t use its. In this season, it rains every afternoon / night. For the first day, we started the walk from Sigchos town and it took us 4 hours to reach the small village of Isinlivi. We stayed in Taita Cristobal Hostal, an amazing place! The view from the room and the common areas is stunning, rooms are clean and comfy, and food is good. We took the afternoon to rest from this first day of walk.

The next day, we walked for 5 hours to reach Chugchilan hamlet. Landscapes are simply amazing. Local people are so friendly, they even checked hands with us to say hello in the middle of the mountain! We arrived at the Cloud Forest Hostal in the afternoon, and like the day before we really enjoyed our stay there.

The last day was the most difficult of all. We had to walk 6 hours, starting at 3500 meters high to finish at 4500. Landscapes were even better than the day before. Arriving at the laguna, a dense fog appeared joined by a heavy rain. We took shelter in a small house, sitting next to a warm fire, waiting for the rain to stop. After an hour, we could start walking again to finish this walk and reach the village of Quilotoa. We could observe this beautiful laguna under the sun. We appreciated its colours: green, blue and yellow. The day after we also walked around the laguna before leaving to Latacunga where we rested for a day.