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Quito and around, our last stop in Ecuador

Apr 29, 2019 comment(s)

We spent 2 nice days in Quito, capital city of Ecuador.

Arriving late afternoon, we walked around the historic centre. The colonial buildings are colourful and all together it’s very cute!

There are so many churches, unfortunately they were closed to tourists due to Easter. But even from outside, churches are beautiful.

The following day, we went to the middle of the World, the equatorial line, where the latitude is 0. A small city has been created around the memorial, 25 km north of Quito. We felt a little bit at Disney with souvenir shop, museum and experiences to try. Indeed, at latitude 0, an egg can stand without falling down!

Finally, we took the cable car to enjoy great views. After an hour queue, we took the cable car for 15 min ride to reach almost 4000m high. It was really cold up there. The views are amazing, we could see Quito surrounded by mountains. When the weather is clear, we can see the 4 volcanoes around Quito, one of them is the Cotopaxi.

We then headed to the North of the country and reached Otavalo. The city is known for its incredible Saturday market. Unfortunately, we were not there on this day. We walked around the market on a Wednesday and it was really nice, very colourful and authentic.

From Otavalo, we spent a day at Cuicocha laguna. The walk around the laguna took us 4h30 with some stunning lookout. The water is deep blue. In the middle, there are 2 islands that make the place even more beautiful.

It was our last stop in Ecuador as we are going North to Columbia. This country was definitely a highlight of pour world trip. We liked everything: people are so friendly, landscapes are breathtaking, food is good and the weather was nice!