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Refugio Frey

Jan 18, 2019 comment(s)

As we didn't have enough from our last walks, we decided to do another one. This time, the aim was to reach a Refugio stuck at the top of a mountain at 1700m high.

Getting there

It was surely one of the most difficult hikes we did. But it was also difficult to reach the walk. Thanks to Annabelle skills in hitchhiking (surely because she watch all Pékin Express seasons) we found a car to drop us at the starting point.

From there started the track. Easy at the beginning with some ups and downs hills, it quickly started only getting up. And the more we were advancing, the steeper it was. The last kilometer was insane. Climbing between rocks with our heavy backpacks, Annabelle and I were reaching our limit.

At the top

On the way, the hike wasn't particularly extraordinary. We went through a forest most of the time, so there wasn't any outstanding view. But it definitely was worthwhile once we reached the top. The Refugio is sitting just next to the amazing laguna Tonchek. The lake offers tremendous reflections at sunset and it was even appealing to get in the water. So we did! We refreshed ourselves and enjoyed our view from the tent.

The next morning, we decided to climb a bit more up to reach laguna Schmoll. It is 200 meters higher but this time without backpacks. Again, we were stunned by the landscape once at the top. The water was cristal clear and we were alone. We also had some with the snow that was there.

Coming back

After a nice picnic next to the lake, it was time to pack up and get down. The big steep path which took us nearly two hours the day before, we did it in 45 minutes. And it kept going down. We arrived at the laguna Guiterrez in 4 hours. Again the walk wasn't really nice, a bit disappointed here.

To reach the camping for the night, we hitchhiked again. Luckily we found a car that dropped us just in front.

This was our last adventure in Bariloche as we are exhausted and will rest until our flight on Monday.