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Sainte Marie

Relaxing in Sainte Marie

Nov 17, 2019 comment(s)

After another two days of transportation, we woke up early – 4AM – to take a bus then a boat to reach Sainte Marie island. On the way, there were thousands of litchi trees. We had to wait for a break to eventually buy some. This time, we took 2 kilos!

We arrived in Saint Marie in the afternoon and checked in our bungalow a couple of meters away from the beach at La Baleine hotel. We had 4 days ahead to enjoy the island.

Nattes Island

We took a rickshaw until the South end of the island. From there, a small canoe helped us crossing the few meters to reach Nattes island. It was real paradise there, a postal card from every angle: white sand, turquoise water and coconut trees.

We walked around the island and relaxed on different beaches. Moreover, there was no one, we were alone! We ate a delicious crab with a coconut sauce. YUM!

Quad around the island

It was recommended to us to do this quad tour around the island by Geraldine’s father. We did it for a full day with our guide Oclin.

He is passionate by what he does. He was like a kid on his quad, as if it was his first time. In 2015, he even created his own path in the forest!

The day was excellent and full of adventures. From the beginning, we crossed muddy roads, forest and large palm trees valleys. We continued with 15 kilometres on the beach. It was so fun! We went to remote places where we were alone again.

We then arrived at the top North of the island where can be found natural pools. Of course, we had a swim.

Another beautiful day!


The last two days, we decided to rest at the hotel and do nothing, FINALLY! The hotel has a private beach and our bungalow was 3 meters away from it.

We enjoyed fresh fish with coconut or ginger sauce, so good! We also spent some time with travellers Chloé and Martin from La Reunion. We had fun playing cards and talking about each other future 😊

On the last night, Annabelle got bitten by a centipede twice!! Horrible situation and quite painful but she made it through.

This puts an end to our trip in Madagascar. We still have two days of rest in Antananarivo before heading to the last country of this world tour.