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Reykjavik and Snæfellsness peninsula

Reykjavik and Snæfellsness peninsula

Jul 29, 2019 comment(s)

Iceland, here we are! Edouard has always dreamed to visit this country. In addition, we will travel with our friend Sarah. So, it will be memorable for sure.


We landed in Reykjavik in the middle of the night. It was 2am but still daylight, as if it was sunset time, unbelievable!

For our first day, we visited the city centre, it was not big so we could easily walk. We started by visiting a modern church which offers great view on colourful houses and sea from the top. The architecture is very different from everything we know and this feeling of discovering new things is so exciting!

We waited Sarah’s arrival during the following two days. We went to one of the natural hot pools of Iceland. It was really nice and we were not even cold.

We finally met Sarah on Monday morning. We rented our car and could start our roadtrip around the country, all of us super excited.

Snæfellsness peninsula

We started our road trip going up North, heading to Snæfellsness peninsula. Along the way, countless waterfalls. Landscapes were different and breathtaking; we enjoyed every stop.

To finish the day, we found the perfect camping spot: not too much exposure on the road, a stream of water to cook and 4G reception as Edouard needed to work. Luckily all these are not so rare here in Iceland. Sunset never finished and we went to bed when the sky was still orange.

The next day, we ended the road along the peninsula and crossed the North until Akureyri. Once again, we saw extraordinary landscapes, waterfalls, canyons, impressive cliffs.

The first two days were amazing and we can’t wait to explore more.