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Ruins, hummus and falafels

Oct 8, 2019 comment(s)

Just after landing, we drove to Jerash with our rental car. We soon realised that Jordanians have their own driving rules...

It took us 2 hours to visit the ancient city very well preserved. We walked around the different sites: Racecourse, Theatre, Oval Forum, Cardo Maximus, etc. It is an opportunity to learn more about the History of this region.

It is a very good introdution to Jordan!

We decided to stay in Madaba, said to be more chill than Amman. We ate our first falafels ultra crunchy et drank a fresh pomegranate juice.

We also visited a few churches, Madaba is the biggest christian city of the country. We discovered in those ones amazing Byzantine's mosaics which the oldest was from the 1st century BC.