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Sea, Baobab and Sun

Nov 1, 2019 comment(s)

After 2 collective buses, 1 tuk-tuk bicycle and seven hours we eventually reached the end of the National Road 7 and arrived in Mangily where we rested few days. 

Mangily is a small beach town, very chilled with palm trees and blue water. Moreover, thanks to our friends Léa and Vonjy, we had the opportunity to meet their friends and family. We had a wonderful diner with local food! 

We visited Reniala forest, where we saw our first Baobabs! The biggest of the region is there and it has a circumference of 13 meters. So huge!

We learned so much from our guide. Here, each tree has its function (building paddle, boat, mast, etc.) and also saw some endangered turtles.

On the afternoon, it was very windy, so we couldn't do much. Even staying on the beach was uncomfortable. We stayed at the swimming pool of our nice hotel Bamboo Club.

For our last day, we booked a canoe tour with our friend Caroline. It was really fun to be on the canoe, with crystal clear water. We did some snorkelling and even saw some sea horses. After that, we reached a fishermen village to eat on the beach. On the menu, 4 huge grilled fishes for 3!

We left Mangily relaxed and ready to reach North. We had booked a 4x4 to drive us until Antsirabe with Danielle and Caroline, but unfortunately the car had an issue and we had to take the collective bus again. On the road we made several long stops, each time to load the car even more. We ended up having a tire exploding. It took us 2 days to get to Antsirabe, from where we will go West.