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Short stop in the former capital

Nov 17, 2018 comment(s)

Mandalay is located in the centre of Myanmar. We took a night bus to reach the former capital. As everywhere else, the royal city is full of beautiful golden stupas. We went on Mandalay hill to visit some of them.

Mandalay is also known for its jade market. The atmosphere was unique! Lots of sellers are on the phone with their customers in China filming the stones. In the market, we could also see some craftsmen working on them.

Another nice stop was in a golden leaf factory. In most temples in Myanmar, worshipers can buy golden leaves and stick them to Buddha statues to have luck. We saw the fabrication process: workers have to hammer gold until it becomes very thin. For one leaf, it takes up to 6 hours hammering!

But the highlight of our stay in Mandalay was definitely the atmosphere at U Bein bridge during sunset. This wooden bridge of 1.2 kilometres is an attraction itself. It is the oldest (built in 1850) and longest teakwood bridge in the world! We walked on it, not very comfortable as it moved a lot and you could definitely feel it was old! The sunset was stunning, we spent so much time watching the river and the fishermen.

Mandalay is not as interesting as other places in Myanmar but the sunset at U Bein bridge just makes the trip worth it.