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Shwedagon pagoda

Nov 10, 2018 comment(s)

Our first night in Yangon was like each time we change country, we felt a bit lost. We wandered in the street, looking for something familiar.

The city is huge, you can barely walk from a place to another. In the darkness of the first night, no one seems smiling and welcoming. But luckily, this first impression was wrong.

The next day, we went to astonishing Shwedagon pagoda. When we arrived, we were so impressed by the number of golden stupas. But we also found out that the main stupa is under renovation for 9 months. We visited the place by walking around. We did it twice to make sure we don’t miss much! We walked around many big buddhas, prayers, people putting water on their buddha birth day and much more.

We spent the rest of the day visiting 2 more pagodas, smaller but still impressive with their thousands of mirrors. We also walked around the very lively Indian neighbourhood.

We now look forward to exploring more of Myanmar.