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Some fresh air outside the medina

Jun 29, 2018 comment(s)

Jewish neighbourhood

We immediately noticed the difference of architecture when we arrived. Every apartment has a balcony made with wood and it looks very old. Some synagogues are still there and one from the 17th century can be visited. The terrace on the rooftop offers a great view on the Jewish cemetery.

Northern Borj + Merinides

Borj are fortifications that were used for the security of the Medina. Today, only 2 remain: the Northern and the Southern ones. We can go on their roof and enjoy the amazing view of the city. The Northern Borj is now a weapon museum with a lot of swords, sabres, armour, etc. From the terrace, we can see the fortification as well as the gates of the city: stunning! We can also sight the Merinides where we enjoyed a walk around.

We were advised to come here in the morning to avoid being super hot. Indeed, the 15 minute walk to the Merinides were tiring but once there, the view of the city was great.

Shopping mall

We had to buy our bus tickets for the next destination so we went to the new city. We stopped at the shopping mall and this was quite a shock! Even though the souk is only a few kilometres away, we felt like we were in Paris!

Mid Atlas

We woke up early to meet with our driver for the day who would bring us to the Atlas mountains. We first stopped at Ifrane, called the "Moroccan Switzerland" because of the architecture of the houses.

We then headed to a big cedar forest where we met with a herd of sheeps, goats and donkeys! After a walk in the forest, we had a mint tea surrounded by monkeys. A relaxing moment, far away from the noisy Medina.

We had lunch in a small village called Azrou where we had a chat with children who wanted to practice their French. Nice time spent with them! Our driver then brought us to some cascades where locals usually do their nap on a typical Moroccan rug.

On the way back, we were lucky to see a horse show called "Fantasia". It is like a race per team where horse riders have rifles. Each team needs to ride on a same line and shoot all at once. We can only hear one shot for the best team.