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Hong Kong

Spectacular views

Nov 7, 2018 comment(s)

Today, Edouard is very busy with work, so it is a short visit day. Weather was nice, so we took the Peak Tram which brought us on a hill with an amazing view on Hong Kong bay. The view is stunning, we could see skyscrapers out of sight. We decided to walk down to enjoy the view a bit longer.

We arrived in Soho/Sheung Wan neighbourhoods to walk around and visit one more temple. Again, a great day spent in Hong Kong!

On our last day, we wanted to explore more of the surroundings. We took a bus to the South East of Hong Kong island which brought us to the Dragon back’s trail. We did a loop that took approximately 2 hours with great views on beaches.

For our last dinner, we selected a dim sum restaurant (I am obsessed now) and ordered so much food!

We really liked our stay in Hong Kong. It was very intense, we walked a lot and still feel like there are many things we haven’t done.

It is a surprising mix of exotic and modernity and we quite like it. I am not sure this is the right place for us to live though. In fact, apartments are too small, and we can’t imagine ourselves living in a 30 sqm flat anymore!