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Stupas, temples and pagodas everywhere!

Nov 20, 2018 comment(s)

Bagan was on our bucket list for a long time. We were so happy when we finally reached the city after a long and uncomfortable bus travel.

We were really amazed and super excited when we drove the first few kilometres on our e-bike and saw dozens of stupas around us. Indeed, there are 2200 remaining monuments out of the 10000 built between 11th and 13th centuries. Therefore, you can really see them everywhere!

We spent lots of time getting lost with our e-bike, which is the most convenient way to visit the city and also really enjoyable as it doesn’t produce any sound nor pollution. Each temple has its own atmosphere: different architecture, colour, buddha statues, size, etc. Some of them are ruins and others are really well maintained as people still come here to pray.

Our top 5, not in order, is:

  • Dhammayazaka, for being the most beautiful
  • Dhammayan Gyi, for being the biggest and also for its colour and balloons over it at sunrise
  • Ananda, for its outstanding architecture
  • Maha Bodhi Phaya, for looking like a Hindu temple
  • Alotawpyae, for its unique atmosphere

Government recently banned temple climbing which was a really popular way to see sunrise and sunset in Bagan. Only a few temples are still accessible to climb. We watched the sunset and sunrise from an unnamed temple. It offered an amazing view over Dhammayan Gyi at sunrise. Seeing those balloons floating over the city was simply incredible. Best sunrise ever!