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Sucre and around

Sucre, capital of Bolivia

Feb 6, 2019 comment(s)

Everyone thinks that La Paz is the capital of Bolivia and it is actually Sucre.

The city is really nice and relaxing. We walked around visiting some churches from Spanish colonisation. We also went to a lookout where we had nice views. Sucre is a cute place to rest.

It is also the starting point to explore the Chuquisaca region to meet with Jalq'a people. Therefore, we booked a 2-day trekking combining nature as well as information about their culture.

The first day, we walked around 7 hours to reach Maragua. On the way, the guide got deshydrated and we had to stop many time until he got better. We really thought he was going to faint!

Maragua is located in a middle of a crater (it is not volcanic but they use the word crater for the shape). On the way, we met peasants trying to sell us stuff. Arriving, we understood that the guide hadn't booked a room for us so we had to put matresses on the floor! The only consolation price was a quinoa soup for dinner... We were so hungry!

The following day, after a very small breakfast, we started our way to Potolo. Landscapes  very beautiful. We also stopped to see dinosaur footprints. Apparently, there are many of them in this region.

A driver came to pick us up from Potolo to Sucre and on the way, one tyre exploded!! Bolivia is definitely impredictable.